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Nuts & Bolt fastener for Truck and Trailers assemblies. Many of these used for FRP and Door hardware fastener with the uniquely designed, build to last which have extra strength, durability and to outlast all other door and FRP hardware currently available in the market.. If you don't See the fastener you looking for, it does not mean we dont have it. Give us a call.
Aluminum Trailer Floor
Aluminum Floor
We carry Bottom Rail Bolts and Nuts fasteners, also known as the cross member bolt fastener, It is a structural bolt used in the assembly of truck trailers. These bolts are used to fasten and hold the bottom rail and the side wall to the cross member. These bolts are designed to be strong, fasten tight, and remain tight. Also available in Stain Less Steel.

We carry many kinds of Floor Screws & fasteners, All Floor Screws and fasteners are Torx 1/4” and 5/16” in diameter, from 1” to 6” long, Flat Head and Pan Head with. TYPE “F” FLAT HEAD THREAD CUTTING FLOOR SCREWS Phos & OIL



They are Popular for repairing trailer and truck body floors. Type “F” screws drive better than T.F.S. in repair application due to rust on the beams. The type “F” flute removes the rust from the threads as it is being driven, which prevents the fastener from binding and breaking.

We Stock the Nic Nuts in two colors White & Yelow. The Nic Nuts are ideal for instaling E-Trackand FRP used with Standart 1/4" Blind Rivet or Stuctural Blind Rivets as a Mating Part.