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TruckLine, Inc. has been in business for more than a decade. It began as a one stop warehouse to serve the trucking industry by providing for all their truck and trailer body parts requirements; supplying not only the US market but around the world.

The truck and trailer body parts industry is a vast and highly competitive one. We at TruckLine, Inc, pride ourselves on providing top notch service whilst at the same time maintaining a high quality selective product line at exceptionally competitive prices.

Over time, it became apparent that in order to best serve our clients and to continue to provide them with outstanding service, top quality products at competitive prices it was vital that we narrowed our product line and specialized in select items only.

Our product line includes Aluminum Extrusions, Aluminum Castings, U-Bolts, Flooring and Roll Up Doors. Although, if specifically requested by our clients, we can provide them with just about any part that they might need from roof to floor and anything in between.

Conveniently located in Paterson, NJ, TruckLine is situated in the Tri-State Area and with good contracts with many of the major freight carrier companies in the US, shipments are only a few days away - whether you are located on the West Coast, the Gold Coast, the Gulf Coast or the East Coast.

So... Give us a call... Get to know us (if you don't already)...
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